EPITA International Off Campus Accommodation Listing Service

Welcome to the EPITA International Off Campus Accommodation System which is a free advertising portal provided for EPITA Students and Staff to search for available properties and rooms in Paris as per their Budget and Facilities. Many local landlords and home sellers advertise their properties with our service. The database information includes properties for rent, landlord ratings, finding a roommate, maps of Paris and the EPITA Campus and links to additional resources and information.

It is a tool to help students in need of rental accommodation connect with landlords who have rental properties available. This listing service is for the sole use (and benefit) of students and staff at the University of EPITA.

Finding rental accommodation in Paris is not an easy task as there is a lot of competition out there with everyone looking for the same thing. The purpose of this System is provide Students and Staff an open, simple and clear way to search for off-campus accommodation.

All our listings are in real-time; accessible 24/7; descriptive with photos, amenity icons, floor plans and include mapping from each rental property to campus; Smart Search features and much more!

We strongly encourage students to become informed consumers by reading available materials, asking questions, etc.It is the student's responsibility to ensure that prospective accommodation is appropriate, suitable and safe.

Before committing to an apartment/suite/room and making any payments, we recommend that you:

    1) review the listing details
    2) contact the prospective landlord/EPITA in person OR EMAIL
    3) become familiar with potential rental scams

University of EPITA students are responsible for upholding the standards of the community, including adherence to city bylaws regarding issues like parking, noise, waste disposal and collection, and community safety.

If you are experiencing difficulty with searching for accommodation, have queries about tenancy legislation or require guidance as to what accommodation will suit your lifestyle please contact the Off-Campus Officer at international.admissions@epitacrm.fr

Feel free to contact our office for additional assistance and information as you explore your off-campus housing options.

We want to hear about your experience with the EPITA off campus accommodation listings - good, bad or even if you have a suggestion. We want to ensure that the information we provide through this site is accurate and we can only do this through feedback provided by our users.