EPITA International Off Campus Accommodation Listing Service

The University offers several programs to anyone who has a property in the Villejuif area, including but not limited to the Off Campus Listing Service and Off Campus Housing Fairs. The University reserves the right to refuse to allow Property Managers/Property Owners and their properties to take part in such University programs, or to de-list already participating properties, in any of the circumstances outlined below.

The University reserves the right to refuse to allow participation in University programs or to de-list all of the Property Manager’s/Property Owner’s properties when that Property Manager/Property Owner has had three or more substantiated or unresolved tenant complaints with the University. A complaint is considered substantiated if it results in a decision granting a remedy to the tenant, and is considered unresolved if the Property Manager/Property Owner has not made a good faith effort to respond to and or settle the complaint with the tenant. A Property Manager/Property Owner who is refused participation in University Programs or is de-listed under the provisions of this program policy shall not be permitted to participate in any University Programs for a period of 12 months, and then only if the Property Manager/Property Owner satisfies the University that the problems with tenant complaints and regulatory services issues have been resolved and the relationship with the University and University Students has improved.